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To Earn and To Learn: The Zy Entrep Academy advocacy

To Earn and To Learn: The Zy Entrep Academy advocacy

For as long as we live, we should learn. The problem? Some people think that learning stops after their high school education or after finishing their college or postgraduate degrees.

But learning is a lifelong process. And a Zy Shop is a champion in education.

Apart from helping people achieve their business goals and financial stability, Zy Shop advocates education for their members. Founder and CEO Mary Rose “Rahm” Dagdag started providing free Build Your Own Business (BYOB) webinars and teaching their distributors and members business strategies on how to grow their investment. But as if these efforts are not enough, just this year, Zy Shop institutionalized this advocacy by tapping The Academy by Coach Jonathan Petalver.

“I believe in the potential of our Zy members. We want them to get ahead of their game by providing tools to become better as entrepreneurs, hence, the idea of Zy Entrepreneurship Academy was born,” Ms. Mary Rose “Rahm” Dagdag, Founder and CEO of Zy Shop said.

Ms. Rahm Dagdag saw an opportunity through the problems as she took the quarantine period as a chance to teach her Zy members, who fondly call themselves ZYsters, through various platforms. Her Facebook lives and Zoom webinars are such a hit. Zy never missed an opportunity to educate and change lives, even virtually.

Despite the pandemic, Zy Entrepreneurship Academy paved way on October 2020. This Academy offers Executive Business Masterclass (EBM) programs which will impart strategic and structured business courses and mentorship programs to Zy’s thousands of global partners.

“We at Zy remains in our mission to educate our kababayans to become CEOs Champion Entrepreneur Online in this new digital economy,” Ms. Rahm Dagdag added.

Zy Entrepreneurship Academy opens its doors to members of all ages and genders. This is a proof that learning has no age limit at all. The interest the BYOBs received shows clearly that ZYsters and Zy members are always striving to learn new things in numerous ways.

Starting 2021, Zy business packages will include free enrollment to the Zy Entrepreneurship Academy together with the free e-book for entrepreneurship to help them understand business terms and innovative approaches and instruments for their merchandising.

In the digital world, everyone’s desire to learn heighten because of the numerous sources and trainings available. As the cliché goes, if there’s a will, there’s a way. ZYsters have the will, and Zy Shop has the way. Zy members have the will, and the Zy Entrepreneurship Academy is the way.

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