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A gamechanger in the distribution industry. A business by the people, and for the people. An innovating business.


The ZYShop Worldwide Direct Selling OPC, or commonly known as ZY Shop, started in 2014 as a passion project to help create more Filipino entrepreneurs. It started as a direct selling company providing clothing products. Zy Shop, a Department of Trade and Industry registered business was founded by Dr. Rahm Dagdag. Its main office is located at the RCPJC Building Centennial Road, Kawit, Cavite, Philippines. 


A gamechanger in the distribution industry. That same year Zy Shop was born, the passion project became a dream, and the dream eventually turned into a reality. What started as a direct selling company has become a business network for product distributors. What started with the source of clothing products is now a source of wide-range of apparels, shoes, accessories, and personal care products. These products are now 


At present, Zy Shop is one of the fastest growing distribution in the Philippines


A business by the people and for the people. In accordance to the company’s mission, Zy Shop has always been passionate about helping—helping entrepreneurs create their own business, helping women become their own bosses, and helping indigenous communities across the country. Founder Rahm Dagdag has always been clear about the bigger purpose of the business. Zy Shop opens the door and even all the windows of opportunity to every Filipino who wants to fulfill their entrepreneurial abilities while being financially stable. Zy Shop started with the commitment to help, and is continuing that commitment by building business and building better future through socially responsible initiatives for the people it serves. An innovating business. Far from stopping, the business is now on its venture to expand operations globally after taking the Philippines with the “Zy storm.” The overwhelming response from the distributors who sells Zy products in the country triggered the bigger plan to seek more partners and help them the “Zy way.”


The “Zy way” highlights the business’ value for a hassle-free shopping experience. Using the power of technology, Zy’s distributors make it easy for customers to enjoy the affordable, lasting, and appealing products, by using e-commerce. Since online shopping is the trend most likely to stay, Zy remains on top of the innovating game by giving their distributors, also known as Zy’s business partners, the necessary tools to be in the know of the effective technology and means to sell their products online. Aside from making their partners earn in the shortest possible time, Zy also makes sure that these earnings won’t be put to waste by offering free financial consultations. These innovation and values are among the few things that make Zy Shop outstand in the industry it is in.


A gamechanger in the distribution industry. A business by the people, and for the people. An innovating business. This is Zy Shop and so much more.

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“We intend to provide our customers with the best  shopping experience from

beginning to end, with a smart, searchable website, easy access warehouse, easy-to-follow instructions,

clear and secure payment methods, and fast, quality delivery. ”


To use the 10% profit in creating outreach program which aims to

help Aeta Communities across the country

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